About Us

Founded in 2009, TechRDL Pvt. Ltd. is an India-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with 50+ Researchers located internationally, with the sole objective of providing serious and objectively written articles about research.

When we conduct Research or provide Research of the researcher, you can rely on that this will done professionally and include more in-depth knowledge than you thought possible. TechRDL is all about excellence, passion and flexibility. We publish a digital magazine every month where you can found the best research of the month in all domains.

This is the first website and first research magazine where the researcher can upload the research in any domain to publish. The Technical Research & Development Lab will review the uploaded research and will publish the top 20 best research of the month in monthly digital magazine TechRDL.

Technical Research & Development Lab, or TechRDL for short, is India’s premier research website & research magazine. Our magazine is hugely popular across India, particularly with students who wish to appear for Higher studies with a passion of research.

Its content includes research based on different domain with a focus on recent trends in technology, Interview with top researcher, and Research tips for different domain.

It is the best platform for the researcher who is willing to be in touch with the recent development of Science to Technology.

Unlike other Website and Magazine, TechRDL is the only magazine that has promoted the concept of sharing research. The idea of research is so deeply embedded with the ethos of TechRDL that the reader is motivated to focus on the research and put in his best.

The Message for the user from TechRDL Team: The Starting point of all Achievements is Desire